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German Federation of Chemical Employers‘ Associations

The German Federation of Chemical Employers’ Associations (BAVC) is the head organisation for collective bargaining and social policy in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as well as large parts of the rubber and plastics processing industries in Germany.
It represents the interests of its ten regional member associations, with 1,700 companies and 585,000 employees, vis-à-vis trade unions, politics and the public.

Our headquarters is located in Wiesbaden, and we have offices in Berlin and Brussels.

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What we do

  • Representation of interests in the area of collective bargaining, social affairs, labour market policy, health and safety and training
  • Negotiation and conclusion of collective labour agreements at sector level
  • Coordination of (regionally negotiated) pay policy for the German chemical industry
  • Representation of interests towards public authorities and the general public
  • Advocacy work on national, european and international level
  • Contribute to the development of human resources management and social policies
  • Provide competence in labour law, training and economics


Our objectives

  • Improving the business environment for our members
  • Help strengthening the competitiveness of our members
  • Credible representation of member interests
  • Balancing interests through social partnership
  • Be the frontrunner in the development of collective bargaining policy
  • Keeping social peace on sector and company level


European Office
Chemie e.V. (BAVC)

Office address:
Rue Marie de Bourgogne 58
1000 Bruxelles

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